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Prestressed Concrete Strand (PCS)

  • Cable-stayed bridges
  • Long extension bridges
  • Dams
  • Silos
  • Industrial structures
Prestressed Concrete Strand (PCS)

Used in cable-stayed bridges and long extension bridges, dams, silos, industrial structures and other buildings, our PCS is a 6-wire set around a center wire.  It is preformed and post-formed in order to keep the wire in the desired position.

WireCo PCS is available in a galvanized, bright metal finish or a high-density green polyethylene. It is manufactured under the WireCo Quality Control System, and meets or exceeds ASTM A-416 and NMX B-292-1988 and all international specifications. In addition, WireCo PCS is manufactured to comply with the standards set by the Post-Tensioning Institute.

Each coil is tested 100 percent in our laboratories, starting with the selection of raw materials to the evaluation of final physical and mechanical characteristics. We apply a stress-relieving heat treatment to our PCS to improve elasticity and strength characteristics. WireCo PCS is low relaxation tested and certified to 1,000 hours. It is normally packaged in 3,000 kg (6,613 lb) coils.

Functional. Artistic. Timeless. When it comes to stadiums, bridges and structures, WireCo Structures is ready to help our customers’ designs soar. WireCo is the market leader in rope manufacturing, chosen to supply cables for the world’s highest profile bridge and stadium projects. From anchoring to suspending, customers around the world trust WireCo Structures to meet the demands of their diverse applications and designs, on time and to your specifications, every time. Results by Design—for the world.