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Structures & Bridges

The San Francisco Bay Bridge in California.  The George Washington Bridge in New York.  The St. Johns Bridge in Oregon.  Few structures have the grace and majesty of the modern suspension bridge.  And no structure owes more to wire rope.

Wire rope made the modern suspension bridge possible, a development that allows engineers to create spans that were once unthinkable and are still impossible with any other type of construction.  Modern suspension bridges can connect greater distances at lower construction and material costs than any other type of bridge.  In addition, suspension bridges are better able to withstand seismic movements than heavier, more-rigid bridges.

But bridges are just the beginning.  From major league sports arenas to beautiful hotel resorts, WireCo fabricated products bring the project from concept to reality.  All thanks to our products and unparalleled expertise. 

Fabricated to meet demanding requirements, wire rope support and suspender cables have been proven to stand the test of time for some of the world’s biggest bridges and structures.

And, at the end of the day, you rely on our dependability.  Stand fast and with confidence.  The WireCo reputation is true – We provide the solutions to meet your most stringent requirements and always deliver on time. 

WireCo Structures:  Results by Design.