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Movable Structures Products

Movable Structures Products

WireCo manufactures operating and counterweight wire ropes for use in movable structure systems such as vertical lift bridges, retractable roof systems, dam gates and ship lifts. We worked with the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA) to develop proposed changes to the AREMA standards for wire ropes and sockets used in movable bridges, as outlined in Chapter 15 of the organization’s Manual for Railway Engineering.

WireCo offers several wire ropes that meet these exacting standards:


  • 6 x 19 class ropes
  • 6 x 36 class ropes: In most rope sizes, only one 6 x 36 classification rope is made. WireCo’s 6 x 36 constructions were designed to provide fatigue resistance without having wires that are too small.

Functional. Artistic. Timeless. When it comes to stadiums, bridges and structures, WireCo Structures is ready to help our customers’ designs soar. WireCo is the market leader in rope manufacturing, chosen to supply cables for the world’s highest profile bridge and stadium projects. From anchoring to suspending, customers around the world trust WireCo Structures to meet the demands of their diverse applications and designs, on time and to your specifications, every time. Results by Design—for the world.