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HT Socketing Material

Patented WireCo High Temperature (HT) Socketing*


In the event of a vehicle fire or other heat-intensive incident, sockets need extra resistance to temperature and unparalleled durability. WireCo Structures developed its exclusive, patented High Temperature (HT) Socketing Material for just this reason.

ASTM B6 High-Grade Zinc, traditionally used as a socketing material, has a melting temperature of 315 C (600 F). Newer resin materials begin to lose mechanical properties at approximately 121 C (250 F). Unfortunately, fuel fires can burn at temperatures in excess of 1,094 C (2,000 F). Under these severe conditions, both zinc and resin socketing materials break down and lose their mechanical properties quickly, which could lead to a structural failure.

WireCo’s HT Socketing Material:

  • Withstands temperatures of up to 531 C (987.6 F) for 160 minutes without failure
  • Remains highly effective when exposed to temperatures as high as 649 C (1,200 F)

This differential in temperature resistance could give responders time to extinguish a fire before a socket failure occurs.

When Minutes Matter

Numerous accidents happen on bridges every year, resulting in excessive heat exposure to cablesupported structures. This exposure may result in the weakening of the cable assemblies supporting the structure.  

Sockets with WireCo’s exclusive HT Material can prolong the cable supported structure in extreme conditions. Under high heat environments, HT Socketing Material moves the weakest link of the socket assembly from the socket material to the strand or rope. Zinc and epoxy socketing materials cannot provide this same margin of safety.

In today’s world, the need for an alternative socketing material that can protect cable-supported structures at extreme temperatures has never been more urgent. Our HT Socketing Material provides increased safety and durability for structures in extreme temperature situations.

Using the HT solution provides:

  • Maximum safety
  • Structural integrity
  • High fatigue performance
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Outstanding return on investment


When lives and structural integrity hang in the balance, WireCo’s HT Socketing Material can provide crucial extra time for evacuation and rescue crews or to extinguish the fire. For more information on HT Socketing Material, please contact WireCo Structures at (816) 270-4700 or via email at


* Klein, Timothy and Pourladian, Bamdad. 2012. Socketing material and speltered assembly for terminating tension member. U.S. patent number 8,327,506, filed January 7, 2008 and granted December 11, 2012.