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SF Bay Bridge

San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge


WireCo Structures supplied products including 75 mm and 90 mm wire rope suspension hangers for the world's longest single-span self-anchored (SAS) bridge. This bridge married art, functionality and safety to create an unparalleled engineering and architectural landmark.

Thames Bridge

Thames River Bridge - CT

Amtrak’s Thames River Bridge was completely refurbished utilizing WireCo Structures structural strand. The two-track structure, spanning the Thames River between New London and Groton, Connecticut, was originally constructed in 1919, replacing the original span constructed in 1889. This major renovation of the bridge transformed the railway structure from a draw bridge to a vertical-lift mechanism.  To accomplish this feat we provided a total of 72 assemblies for the renovation project. Eight of the assemblies were 1 7/8” 6 x 25 IPS FC and 64 assemblies using 2 1/4” 6 x 25 IPS FC. All assemblies were pre-stretched, striped and measured under load with the lengths stamped onto each socket. Length tolerance requirements were +/- 1/4 inch.

Manhattan Bridge

Manhattan Bridge - New York, NY


The rehabilitation of this structure required WireCo to supply the wire rope assemblies for 10 panel points. 1-3/4” and 2-1/2” ASTM A603 Bridge Rope was supplied per the original construction prints. All attaching hardware was supplied with the assemblies. WireCo also supplied the temporary support strands used during the deck replacement of the bridge.

Troup Bridge 

Troup Howell Bridge - Rochester, NY


Signature span of I-490 crossing the Genesse River in Rochester. WireCo supplied all of the ASTM A586 structural strand for the hanger assemblies. The strand had Class C galvanized outer wires with Class A galvanized inner wires. The 3 arch system consists of sixty-eight 1-1/2” assemblies, thirty-four 2-5/16” assemblies, eight 2-1/8” assemblies, and four 3-1/4” assemblies.

Stickel Bridge 

William A. Stickel Memorial Lift Bridge - Newark, NJ


This historic structure is a vertical lift bridge in New Jersey that crosses the Passaic River, connecting Newark and Harrison as part of Interstate 280. WireCo supplied sixty-four 2-1/8” main counterweight ropes with hardware for the rehabilitation project.

Gateway Bridge


Gateway Bridge - Detroit, MI


The 240’ span has four arches reaching 70’ in height. WireCo supplied all of the 1-5/8” and 1-1/2” ASTM A586 structural strand assemblies. The structural strand was produced with Class C coated wires throughout. All destructive testing was performed by WireCo at our in-house testing facility.